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About us

Parsghatran shokouhieh
The first and only producer of single wall polyethylene pipes in Qom province

Parsghatran Shokouhieh company began their work at Shokouhieh industrial site in Qom in 2002 as the first manufacturer of single wall polyethylene pipes. Our first objective was to produce water supply and irrigation pipes with an annual capacity of 1000 tons; however, we raised this number to 15000 tons a year using the latest technologies and an expert and skilled team. Currently we produce pipes in 16 to 450 mms based on DIN 8074 standard of Germany.

why US ?

Parsghatran Shokouhieh

As mentioned before, using first class raw material is an important standard of Parsghatran company. That is why the company uses PE100 as the raw material for manufacturing of pipes. The result is high quality products with high tensile strength and melting point, increased compressive strength (against internal and external pressure), high environmental stress crack resistance, reduced crack growth, resistance to sunlight(UV), etc. Products manufactured by Parsghatran company definitely have the highest standards compared to counterpart products.

Production quality
Production capacity
Customer Satisfaction

What matters in today’s world is to use the latest technologies and science. That is why we try to proceed based on the highest international standards. Employees in all levels of Parsghatran company work towards manufacturing products based on national and international standards while following safety rules. It is important to note that all environmental standards and regulations are followed in the manufacturing process.

We need to follow reliable standards in order to proceed on this path and gain more success in national and international markets. Our company follows ISO9001-2015 and ISO10004-2019 standards. This has resulted in a consistent quality of products with the lowest level of error, a steady and lawful process of manufacturing high quality products, and customer satisfaction.

Our objectives

We founded the company with three objectives main